Decade Part II: 10 Dazzling Demons

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DECADE: A Supernatural Anniversary Series by VMOTD (Part II)

10seasons by clairvoyantsam tumblr


winchesterspntitlecards2 by thedarksidesofheaven tumblr

Laurence, Kansas
November 2nd, 1983
A demon enters the Winchesters’ home.

yed by homeofthenutty

10 years ago, the one we’ve come to know as Yellow Eyes graced our screens for the first time. Demons are the first monster of Supernatural and the subject of part 2 of my Decade Anniversary Series. You know the drill, I show you my Perfect 10 and you show me yours. As a handsome devil once said in “On the Head of a Pin”, “let’s get started”.

The Perfect 10, aka Number 1. Demon!Dean (Knight of Hell)

knightdean by yaelstiel tumblr

“You know Kung Fu?… Well, come on.” Speaking of handsome devils…
When we meet the new King of the Damned, he’s vacationing, or rather going through the motions, expecting to wake up. Like his hedonistic former self, “Porn Guy” enjoys strippers, booze and sex. Too sexy for…

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