XI : Winchester Brothers Report “We Broke It, We Bought It”

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Supernatural is back, and I’m delighted to bring you my very first Winchester Report. Call it a recap/review/commentary with a focus on my favorite hunting duo. New season, new series (XI).

amara by some-people-call-it-tragic

The season 11 premiere opens with Dean, surrounded by a black, swirling storm. He sees a woman with her back turned to him. When he asks her what’s going on, she turns around and glances at him. Cut to Sam, waking up, alone in the car.

What happened right after the end of Brother’s Keeper?

As soon as The Darkness hit the Impala, Dean saw a female form materialize in front of him and he disappeared from behind the wheel. Sam called out to Dean, but as the car was being rocked by the storm, he hit his head against the window and lost consciousness. When Sam wakes up, he searches for Dean and finds him lying face down…

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