XI : Winchester Brothers Report “That Giant, Crazy Fart”

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Second episode of season 11, second Winchester Brothers Report. Let’s talk about “Form and Void”!

Smart!Sam in Zombieland : the vision, the visit and the cure

Sam is still on his solo mission to find a cure to the infection. After too many instances of seeing Sam knocked out, beaten up and helpless, it’s wonderful to see Smart!Sam make a return and take control of the situation. He’s resourceful. He uses sounds to lure the Rabids and lead them like rats through a maze. He uses a do-it-yourself taser to subdue on of them. The scene that shows Sam gathering items from a hardware store to assemble his makeshift taser reminds me of the one in “Abandon All Hope…”, where the brothers assemble a bomb to fight the hellhounds Meg sicced on them.

During his quest to find an answer, Sam researches infectious diseases, receives the visit of a reaper…

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