XI : Winchester Brothers Report “And I have a fake badge”

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In episode 11.03, “The Bad Seed”, the brothers try to help Castiel get rid of his attack dog spell problem, Rowena tries to make the Mega Coven happen, Amara empties “Uncle Crowley”‘s pantry, she experiences a growth spurt and has a chat with the woman in the mirror. Directed by Jensen Ackles.

Sam : research geek, on the ball!

Inside the bunker, Sam is mainly in research mode, what he does best. Outside, his timing is impeccable throughout the episode. He cuffs Rowena at the right moment when she’s distracted by Dean, catches a female suspect’s bag to investigate its contents while Dean keeps her from fleeing, and he brings Rowena in, gun to her head, to reverse the spell, as Castiel is going full attack dog on Dean.

Dean : G-man, taxi driver and all around naughty boy…

Dean dons a sharp suit to interrogate a witness about Rowena’s…

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