XI : Winchester Brothers Report “We Are Home”

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We’ve been waiting for her. The warrior, the hero, the guardian angel, Dean’s girl, the Winchester’s true home, the most important object in the world and let’s be honest, the most beautiful girl this show has ever seen. Dean calls her Baby, some call her the Metallicar. I call her the Black Panther, and yesterday, she roaaared! Yeah, baby…

Winchester Car Wash

carwash by dancewithmejensen

We start the episode at the Winchester Car Wash. It’s Baby’s spa day. She’s getting beautified and pampered. The masseuses? Two strapping lads and one of them is in shorts. It’s good to be the queen.

Winchester Night Moves  : Heather, and Piper, and one night, wonders

nightmoves by yaelstiel

“Digging into the lore, is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

The boys hit the road to investigate a case. It’s late, and time for a break. While Dean looks for fun and good times at…

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