XI : Winchester Brothers Report “She overpowered me, end of story”

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Last week gave us the ghost hunt with the soul sucking twist. In “Our Little World”, the  brothers find out why the Soul Eater was wandering around the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. After she decimated his staff, Crowley put Amara on a diet but the rebellious teenager (thousand-year old teenager) has been sneaking out the house for nightly snacks : a Sidney lemon cake outside a bar, a crunchy Len sandwich outside a bed and breakfast. Special Agent Smith, and Smith, are on the case. Follow the bread crumbs, they will lead you to The Darkness.

Sam and Dean : locating Amara

When the brothers discover that Len has been removed from the board by a demon, they set a trap with the help of Amara’s last victim, Goldie. Marco, the devil that gets caught in the net explains that he works for Crowley and has been sweeping up…

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