XI : Winchester Brothers Report “What do you mean, killer bunny?”

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A wise man once said, “And apparently, clowns kill.”
Sam was right in “Everybody Loves a Clown”, and he is right again 9 years later. In “Plush”, the monster’s not a rakshasa, but it share a few similarities with it : a focus on children, and disturbing face disguises. After the Suicidal Teddy Bear, Supernatural presents the nightmare trifecta known as Evil Rabbit, Mad Jester and Bloody Bozo! Sheriff Donna Hanscum, requesting back up. Officers Sam Elliott and Dean Savage, to the rescue.

Sam and Dean investigate the MOTW : “You know this rabbit?”

samdeaninterrogatebunny by yourfavoritedirector“What’s up, Doc?”

Stan Hinkle’s killer is already behind bars. It’s 19 year old Mike Cooks, a Minnesota Tech student who went crazy after he put on a bunny mask he found at a thrift shop. Since then, the mask won’t come off and Mike seems to have acquired superhuman strength. Ask Dean, he…

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