XI: Winchester Brothers Report “Sam can’t talk right now cause he’s waxing…”

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 Seven days ago, I was hoping the cage fiasco wouldn’t cost my favorite witch her life. Today, this cruel, beloved show of mine sent me a poisoned apple just in time for my birthday by killing the fun, fabulous and facetious breath of fresh air formerly known as Rowena. Now I have a tradition: I don’t do anything unpleasant on my birthday if I can help it. In keeping with this tradition, I will ignore this most unwelcome development and focus on the rest of the story. Sleep well, First and Only Lady of the Mega Coven. Over 3000 years old, and still pretty as a rose.

Now, on to the Winchester Brother Business. “The Devil in the Details” (11.10), or Part 2 of the Cage Saga, starts where the cliff-hanger from “O Brother, Where Art Thou” left off. Lucifer takes Sam on a twisted trip down memory…

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