XI: Winchester Brothers Report “And when you mix it up with the potatoes and the beans”

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Jody MiFcinells is back. So are her girls and a blast from Alex’s past. Throw in mashed potatoes, The Elvis, two brothers in long coats, Sioux Falls, and a couple of vampires, and you have “Don’t You Forget About Me”, an episode that could serve as a backdoor pilot to “Wayward Daughters Academy”, the fan concept for a Supernatural spin-off.

Lunchtime at the bunker: meet, “The Elvis.”

Sam’s research hasn’t turned up any leads on The Darkness. Dean on the other hand, has found exactly what he’s looking for. With much fanfare, he introduces… “The Elvis”, a bacon cheese burger with not one, but two glazed donuts where the buns should be, and you guessed it, Sam, is disgusted.

Awkward family dinner in Sioux Falls: “This is fun.”

A case falls into the brothers’ lap when Dean receives a call from Claire. She’s been hunting, with dubious success, but she’s…

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