XI: Winchester Brothers Report “I can’t help it if I’m a hopeless romantic.”

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Melissa wears a red dress. She fixes Dan’s red tie. “As handsome as the day I met you.” Red roses in their living room, a red Valentine’s Day Card in the bedroom… Sounds like a night for romance for the college sweethearts. James Hunter begs to differ. “Heartbreak,” he warns, “Always takes you another one with it.”

Stacy’s another one. The nanny, how cliché. She comes in with her red polish, and sprawls over their white couch. Be careful what you wish for, the monster will give it to ya. Matching rings. No silver, no diamond. One for Stacy and another for Dan. Red, gaping holes where their cheating hearts used to be. “Love Hurts”, and as James reminds, “Heartbreak, never stops at one, always comes in pairs.”

Happy “Unattached Drifter Christmas”, everyone!

suit porn sam and dean by timetraveldeanDean’s favorite holiday: “And? It was Valentine’s Day.”

It’s Dean’s favorite holiday and he’s been…

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