XI: Winchester Brothers Report “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

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Season 11 is the gift that keeps on giving. This French native speaker never dreamed she’d hear the word “cochon” (pig) on her favorite American TV show!

“The Vessel” had a lot going for it. History, glamour, time travel, mythology, bravery, sacrifice, and of course, brotherly love. This episode took us back to 1943 France. It brought back the Nazi Necromancers and Thule Society we learned about in “Everybody Hates Hiltler”, and the Heaven Weapons we discovered in “The Third Man”. It also introduced an amazing Woman of Letters, and gave us Dean Winchester, in his sailor hat. All aboard the USS Bluefin! This should be fun… or tragic.

Sam and Dean in the bunker’s kitchen: “It’s a little early for Nazi trivia.”

Sam has been tearing through the Men of Letters’ library (and the bunker’s coffee reserves) in search of a way to stop Amara and he’s…

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