XI: Winchester Brothers Report “Groupie, much?”

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The Top Notch Wrestling shows John used to take his boys to when they were kids are one of the few memories Dean has of his father being happy. When he comes across an obituary for Larry the Hangman Lee, John’s favorite wrestler, Dean convinces Sam they should go to the funeral and pay their respects. They’ve been cooped up in the bunker, searching for ways to defeat Amara and Lucifer for a week, and he believes a change of scenery will do them some good. Sam even suggests they stay for the memorial show. In “Beyond the Mat”, the boys get to meet idols from their childhood and have a little fun. Of course, it wouldn’t be Supernatural without a demon lurking somewhere…

Sam and Dean mingle with the Top Notch crowd: “I worshiped you, growing up”

At the wake, Dean meets his favorite childhood wrestler, Gunner Lawless. Sam…

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