Rejoice! Supernatural renewed for season 12.

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There was never any doubt but I know some of you were worried.

Wooh hoo! Let’s celebrate!

The CW renews 11 shows, including ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘TVD’ and ‘The Flash’

Here’s some good news for fans of the CW series going into the weekend. On Friday, March 11, the network announced that 11 of its series will be returning for the 2016-2017 season.

Basically, the CW’s primetime lineup is returning. The series that have been renewed are: “Supernatural” (season 12), “The Vampire Diaries” (season 8), “Arrow” (season 5), “The 100” (season 4), “The Originals” (season 4), “Reign” (season 4), “Jane the Virgin” (season 3), “The Flash” (season 3), “iZombie” (season 3), “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (season 2) and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (season 2). Premiere dates will be announced at a later time.

“The CW has become home to some of the most critically-acclaimed shows on broadcast television, with a wide array…

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