XI: Winchester Brothers Report “I got you.”

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A child screams. “Something bad is in the house”. The room is cold, the lights go off, the door slams shut. Anybody getting “Home” flashbacks? And then there’s that hand, silent, hideous, and reaching in the dark, like “Something Wicked”. Another scream. What the “Bloody Mary” hell is going on?

Supernatural is back from hiatus with a brand new episode, and this one is glorious! The Winchester brothers get back on the road in “Safe House”, and my second favorite hunting duo returns: Rufus Turner, Mister Johnny Walker Blue himself, and Bobby Singer, the man who never should have left in the first place. Smell this excitement in the air? I’ve missed that feeling. Welcome back show!

Present time. Sam and Dean, on the road again: “Meantime we hunt.”

After two weeks of fruitless research on Amara and Lucifer, Sam convinces a dispirited Dean to take on a new case…

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