XI: Winchester Brothers Report “You got him, I need him, let’s make a deal.”

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The Bonnie to your Clyde.” “The Mallory to your Mickey.” “Sid and Nancy.”

I couldn’t live with you dead.”

Well, then, how about Romeo and Juliet?

When I read the synopsis for episode 11.17 of Supernatural, “Red Meat”, I knew it had potential. Sam on the brink of death always makes for an interesting story because Dean has proven time and time again that nothing is too unreasonable, outrageous or insane when it comes to the things he’s willing to do to keep his brother alive.

My excitement was mounting, as the teaser showed scenes from “Mystery Spot” and “Appointment In Samarra”, two of the Greatest Hits from the ‘I Can’t Lose You’ Winchester Repertoire. I thought I was ready for “Red Meat”. I had to be revived a couple of times during the episode. Just when I thought the Winchesters couldn’t get any crazier…

Oh, welcome back,

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