XI: Winchester Brothers Report “We geteth it.”

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“Hell’s Angel” (11.18) is an ambitious episode. The big players are back on the scene and making big moves. Old alliances are renewed, a character returns from the dead and Lucifer unleashes the power of a Hand of God on Amara. Last episode before the two-week April hiatus.

crowley exorcized by mooseleysSam, Dean and Crowley on a mission to trap Lucifer: “He has to be dealt with.”

In exchange for tearing up a soul contract, Crowley gets the Horn of Joshua, a Hand of God, from an old client. Bent on revenge and eager to neutralize the Devil, he meets with the brothers in Saint Louis. The Winchesters find his litany of grievances against the archangel who treated him like a dog amusing, but they are not on board with his plan. Crowley wants Lucifer back in the Cage, immediately. Sam and Dean want Lucifer to defeat Amara first. What they disagree on…

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