XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “Two hunters who make it to the finish line.”

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“Trippin’ trips”? “Orgies”?

Oh, don’t get excited, “The Chitters” is not nearly as scandalous as I’m making it sound. It’s about loss, outsiders, teammates, brothers, hope, and the even better, unexpected, happy ending. Gather round the campfire, happy people, Supernatural is back.

Sam and Dean investigate the green-eyed shakers : “We’re not actually gonna go with junkless on this, are we?”

Sam and Dean investigate a series disappearances in the small town of Gunnison, Colorado. Six people have gone missing in 48 hours and according to Sheriff Tyson, it’s happened before. In 1989, a dozen residents went missing, and in 1962, another 8 disappeared, always around the same time of year. The only witness to the new wave of disappearances, Cory aka “Ganja Girl”, is not the most reliable but she has a story the Winchesters are willing to believe. Her friend Libby Strauss was taken by a pale, naked…

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