XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “You’re the firewall between light and darkness.”

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“All In the Family” starts right where “Don’t Call Me Chuck” leaves off. Outside the police station with Sam, Dean, Chuck and a glowing amulet.

Sam, Dean, Chuck and Kevin in the bunker : “You’re looking stressed.”

Chuck zapps Sam and Dean to the bunker and makes Kevin appear. Kevin notes that the brothers are stressed but he assures them they can trust Chuck and handle whatever he needs them to do. He tells them he’s okay, that he’s always trusted them. Chuck “upgrades” Kevin by freeing his soul from the veil and sending it to Heaven.

Sam talks to Chuck : “I was hoping you were around.”

Sam tells Chuck he was hoping God was around, and that he prayed, and doesn’t know if it got “lost in the spam”. There’s a benevolent look in Chuck’s eyes until Dean interrupts Sam to tell him he’s “babbling”.  Chuck turns to Dean and…

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