XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “This is the worst episode of Full House, ever.”

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In “We Happy Few”, the Winchesters come home after running errands to find Lucifer and God still in the middle of a cold war.  In order to get them talking, the brothers decide to play Dr. Phil times 2. Also? God makes pancakes! And he has a plan, to take down Amara. Yeah, I know. It’s not the finale so what are the chances it’s gonna work. Let’s just recap, shall we?

Sam and Dean’s full house : “You’re gonna have to come out, and talk to God.”

A freshly healed and defiant Lucifer is giving his father the cold shoulder and Sam and Dean decide to get involved. When Lucifer accuses his father of only deigning to show up because his “apes” called out to him, Dean reminds him that the “apes” are also the ones who saved his life. Lucky for Dean, Chuck’s put a “safeguard” on Lucifer’s…

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