XI : Winchester Brothers Report : “I need him. He needs me.”

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Season 11 is over, and it feels like the end of an era…

Dramatic, much?

Me? Always! This finale? Not half as much as the three that preceded it. Let’s talk, friends. Looks like The Veeness might need a chat with Dr. Phil too.

Team God and the fading light : “Looks like the sun is dying.”

team god and the dying sun by frozen-delight

In the aftermath of the fight with The Darkness, Castiel wakes up, freed from Lucifer. Chuck on the other hand is in terrible shape. His light is “fading”, something only Amara can fix. Outside, the sun is also dying. God is so weak he has to hold on to Sam to stand up, stay up, and walk. He still has enough juice to zap the whole team back to the bunker with a snap of his fingers. Good thing for Dean who was itching to get to his fridge and grab some beer…

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