XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “If he is not in one piece I will take you apart.”

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Season 12, ladies and gentlemen. Supernatural’s back! Finally.
And with it, the Winchester Brothers Report, courtesy of your girl Vee ;).

For those who don’t know, it’s a Sam and Dean-focused, gif happy, episode review that highlights the Best Broments (gotta have those), the Best Dean moments, Sam moments, and the Best Quote, among other tasty bits.

I started the WBR in season 11 and you can find all 23 of them here : 11.01, 11.02 to 11.23.

Number 24, here we come!  The first episode of season 12 is called “Keep Calm and Carry On.” As the one I like to call the ‘fictional apple of my eye’ once said, “Let’s get started.”

Warning: mentions of self harm

Winchester recap: “Hi, Mom.” “Where’s Sam?”


Dean and Mary: “Let’s get you home.”

Picking up right where “Alpha & Omega” left off, “Keep Calm and Carry On” starts…

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