XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Family hunting trip.”

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In “The Foundry”, Sam, Dean and Mary work a case together. Mary still doesn’t feel like she belongs. It’s more than the Internet, the cell phones, the job, and the decades she missed. She had a life in Heaven that she still has to mourn.

Winchester recap: “I miss my boys.”


Sam can tell Mary’s struggling. She’s not sleeping. She’s withdrawn. Dean thinks she’s still adjusting but he wants to believe she’ll be fine with some “good family time”. When she finds a hunt, people dying after being lured to the abandoned Chamberlain house by the sound of a crying baby, Dean is enthusiastic at the prospect of a “family hunting trip”.

While the trio visits the house, Mary finds a room with a crib and a doll inside. She gets trapped in the room and a child grabs her by the arm,  leaving a red handprint on her skin…

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