XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “The only thing we had was each other.”

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In the second episode of season 12, Dean and Mary rescue Sam with the help of Castiel. Crowley blackmails Rowena into helping him locate the Lucifer, and the Devil finds a new vessel.

Winchester recap: “I have so much about you boys to catch up on.”

Sam and Toni: “Was it good for you?”

Breaking his body didn’t work. Neither did attempting to break his mind. Seduction maybe? Toni’s still quizzing Sam about the American hunters and this time he’s talking. Two glasses of wine, candles, and a pair of soft sheets. The hallucination spell is powerful but temporary, so it’s back to sharp objects, jammed into Sam’s flesh.

Dean and Mary: “It’s been kinda weird, here.”

Dean’s  adjusting to Mary’s return. They don’t know how to act around each other so they make small talk and “act normal” when the situation’s anything but. He understands she needs time to…

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