XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Where’s my brother?”

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Christo! The word you’re looking for, is “Christo”!

Anyway, in “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”, the Winchesters visit… Canada with Jody Mills, and reunite with Mary. There’s also a crossroads demon and half a dozen hunters, neither of whom have a drop holy water on them. They all brought their flashlights though, so everything’s cool!

Winchester recap: “Apparently we’re a bit legendary.”


Sam and Dean show up unannounced at Jody’s door after finishing a hunt in Brookings, South Dakota. Dean proudly informs Jody that he killed Hitler. “Thank you?”, Jody offers, seeing that Dean’s expecting a response. “You’re welcome”. After a Netflix romcom and a snack with the boys, Jody receives devastating news that a hunter friend of hers has died. Sam and Dean know Asa Fox from the story Ellen used to tell about him at the Rodhouse and they offer tag along for the funeral service.


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