XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Impeach LOTUS, find Rosemary’s baby.”

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In “LOTUS”, the season 12 midseason finale, Lucifer possesses the POTUS, Crowley kills Rowena’s fiancé, Castiel loses another girl at a diner and Sam and Dean decide that since their life isn’t exciting enough, they should try and get captured by the Secret Service! In a bid to save the Winchesters from extinction and save the episode from complete collapse, the mysterious Mister Ketch pops in with a magical egg to introduce himself.

Warning: high levels of sodium in some parts

Winchester recap: “We’ve done this dance so many times.”


Sam and Dean are on the trail of Lucifer’s latest vessel but they are too late. They arrive at the archdiocese of Saint Louis to find crosses flipped upside down and the archbishop and his entire staff slaughtered. Lucifer is moving on to “blue chips” : the billionaire philanthropist Wallace Parker, the archbishop of Saint Louis and now the so-called…

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