XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “We’re the guys that saved the world.”

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“First Blood” (12.09) starts six hours after the end of the midseason finale “LOTUS”, in which the Winchesters were arrested for the attempted assassination of President Jefferson Rooney.

Winchester recap: “Six hours to midnight.”

The Winchesters haven’t said one word since they’ve been locked away in a secret government facility. The national security expert who visits them on their first day tells them they will break eventually. No one will torture them, “it doesn’t work”, but after enough time in complete isolation with nothing to occupy their minds, they will talk.

Six weeks into their captivity, Sam and Dean are found dead at the same time in their cells. They wake up on morgue slabs and escape the facility. With a stolen cell phone and map, they figure out their approximate location and call Castiel, asking him to meet them along State Route 34 as soon as possible because they’re…

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