XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “I can’t see, did you get a plate?”

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In “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” (12.10), Sam and Dean try to keep Lily, a woman hellbent on taking revenge on the group of angels who murdered her family, from killing Castiel.


Winchester recap

Sam and Dean are in the bunker discussing the recent developments. Dean is concerned Mary might be jumping back into hunting too soon and he’s angry at Castiel for breaking the deal because Billie said it would result in “cosmic consequences”. Sam believes that Mary has everything under control and that Castiel did what he did to save them.

The brothers follow Castiel when he receives news that Benjamin, a friend and an angel from his garrison has been killed. Castiel reunites with Isham and Mirabel, two other angels from the garrison, in order to investigate. The culprit is identified after she kills Mirabel, wounds Isham and attacks Castiel. It’s Lily Sunder. The angels killed…

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