XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Where does that leave us?”

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Supernatural “Family Feud” (12.13) | air date February 23, 2017.


Sam and Dean are investigating a strange death at a museum in DesMoines, Iowa. Dean hasn’t seen Mary in a while and he calls to see if she wants to join in. She’s still resting up after the whole Ramiel thing. “I love you”, but raincheck? Dean thinks Mary is hiding something but Sam is positive that she’s just taking it easy. Hunting is a “grind” after all. When they arrive at the Shipwrecks of New England Museum, they find that a total of three people have died, two teachers and a scouts leader. The first victim died in Andover, Massachusetts, which is where the artifacts from the latest the travelling exhibit come from. They were found inside the Star, a ship that sunk in a storm in 1723. Dean remembers that it’s Gavin MacLeod’s ship and he calls…

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