XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Sammy? Lucy, I’m―”

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Supernatural “The Raid” (12.14) | air date March 2, 2017. The episode starts right where “Family Feud” left off with Mary explaining to Sam and Dean why she’s been working with the Men of Letters.

Winchester recap : “I’m in.”

Sam wants to know how long she’s been working with them. “Since… before the lake house.” Mary also comes clean about the Ramiel hunt not being Wally’s idea. Sam and Dean remind her that Wally and Castiel were the victims of that hunt. Mary’s not blind to who the BMOLs are or what they did but their way is the “better way”. She’s doing it for Sam and Dean and playing three decades of catch up. Dean asks how she thinks it’s been for them. They’re her sons. She’s been gone all their lives and since she came back, she’s needed space from them. “How about for once, you just try to…

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