XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Either you get good fast or you get dead faster.”

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Supernatural “Ladies Drink Free” (12.16) | air date March 30, 2017.
The Winchester brothers hunt down a werewolf. Mick Davies tags along.

Overall grade : 6/10

This is the obligatory Claire episode of the season and I didn’t have high expectations for it. A good chunk of the episode focuses on Claire Novak. Her journey as a budding hunter, her fear of disappointing Jody, yet another instance of her being assaulted by males, her growth as a young woman and her realization that yes, people will show up for her, the traumatized and abandoned orphan girl who’s been alone too long. All this is fine and dandy, but ultimately of little interest to me, when it revolves around a character as off-putting as Claire Novak. Well, that’s it for the star of this episode. Moving on to the top-billed of this record breaking American sci-fi series!

The Winchesters, individually and as a team…

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