XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Did you break into our house?”

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Supernatural “The British Invasion” (12.17) | air date April 6, 2017.
Eileen Leahy has a lead on Dagon and she helps the Winchesters locate Kelly Klyne. The BMOLs tell Mick it’s time to terminate the Winchesters.

Overall grade : 6.5/10

“The British Invasion” had a lot going on. Five fatalities, a plethora of characters, childhood flashbacks, an unholy tryst, and what some might consider an unexpected twist.

I was glad to see Eileen again. We met her in the excellent “Into the Mystic” and it looks like she and Sam have kept in contact and are getting closer. She came in with a solid lead on Kelly Klyne and the boys looked impressed by her skills when she told them how she tracked down Dermott, Dagon’s right-hand demon, and got Kelly’s number out of him before she stabbed him to death. I always love hearing hunters describe their process and the way they…

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