XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “Whoa, that’s a beautiful mind.”

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Supernatural: “The Future” (12.19) | air date April 27, 2017.
Sam thinks of a plan to turn the nephilim human. Castiel finds Kelly Klyne.

Overall grade : 5.5 /10

The episode centers around the nephilim. It shows us the power it already possesses, gives Kelly a chance to take control of her circumstances, and places Castiel at odds with the Winchesters.

Sam put his genius reseacher hat on and exhausted himself reading everything he could about their case. He calculated that they had less than a month before Lucifer’s child was born and he used is own experience with angel possession to come up with a plan to save Kelly and her child: for Castiel to remove the grace from the baby the same way he removed traces of Gadreel from Sam, an operation that would take away the nephilim’s powers and render him human.

I found Sam’s “Remember Gadreel?” question to…

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