XII : Winchester Brothers Report : “It’s us. Please. What’s wrong with you?”

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Supernatural “There’s Something About Mary” (12.21)
Original air date May 11, 2017.
Sam and Dean worry about Mary when they learn hunters are dying in suspicious accidents all over the country.

Overall grade : 6.5/10

Death, rebirth, transformation. “There’s Something About Mary” had a little bit of everything. The episode started with a death, Eileen’s, in a heartbreaking scene that left me feeling defeated. I was still recovering when came the letter in which she was asking the boys if she could bunk with them for a few days. Eileen never made it to the bunker. She was left in the mud, shredded, and alone in the dark. Her being gone is devastating enough, but I’m also bothered by the way her death came about.

I found it strange that Ketch, a mere mortal, could control a hellhound. Sure, Crowley could have used magic or simply crooned ‘Julian, it’s Papa, be…

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